Multiple Oregon Sighting of Missing Teen Bryce Laspisa Unconfirmed

Family urges volunteers to search the Oregon coast, but sightings of the missing Laguna Niguel teen remain unconfirmed.

Sightings of missing Laguna Niguel teen Bryce Laspisa in Oregon are unconfirmed as of Wednesday afternoon, mother Karen Laspisa said on Facebook.

Bryce Laspisa went missing Labor Day weekend. Hours after an early-morning conversation with his mom, in which the teen said he planned to pull over to sleep, Laspisa's Toyota Highlander was found bloody and overturned near Castaic Lake with the teen's laptop, wallet and cell phone.

Following the conclusion of a massive search, multiple sightings have turned up no clues as to the missing man's whereabouts.

Uncle Brian David reported on Facebook that a police officer in Port Orford had seen the missing college student Monday before realizing he was a missing person.

That may have been a false lead as well, based on the most recent post on the family's Facebook page set up to find Bryce Laspisa:

"There are no confirmed sightings from any source thus far," his mother said. "Steps are being taken to find the person people think resembles Bryce so that a positive ID can be made."

These multiple false sightings have been hard on the family, David told International Business Times.

"We get the word of a possible sighting and you know, it brings you way up and then you find out, 'Oh, it’s not Bryce,' and it brings you way down," he said.


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