Netflix, Reputation and Saturn

Netflix lost 40 plus points in one day. Its Moon is in Capricorn so there are lessons about reputation and respect. We could say that Netflix has been working on these the past few months.

Very recently Netflix lost 40-plus points in one day closing at $77.37 and that caught my attention.

Netflix was IPO-ed on May 29, 2002 and so the chart gives us three planets; Mercury, Sun, and Saturn and the North Node in Gemini in the 11th. Gemini rules communication and mail and the 11th house rules techonology and television. The Moon's in Capricorn so there are lessons about reputation and respect and we could say that Netflix has been working on these the past few months.

On July 12 Venus was on the Netflix's natal Venus and in this chart Venus rules the basis of the company and the view of the public. When a planet returns to it's natal position we call it a Return chart in this case a Venus Return which sets the tone until June 2013. And what a bad tone it was. What followed was an avalanche of negative comments on Facebook and other social media sites.

Then on Sept. 18 Neptune (the planet of confusion) retrograded to sit on Uranus (the planet of sudden change) and Netflix announced Qwister, a separation of the company into two parts. This had been in the works for a while. The company IPO-ed with three planets and the North Node in Gemini and Gemini rules pairs. In addition the South Node exactly conjuncted the natal North Node a sign of going backwards in one's life. And Saturn (planet of restriction) was trining natal Saturn in the house of the public so it didn't take long for the negative comments to flood in... again.

On Oct. 10 a ray of hope, the Sun trined the natal Saturn and Netflix said they were canceling the idea of Quikster. But trouble wasn't over. With these missteps Netflix said they lost over 800,000 customers. And on Tuesday, Oct. 25 the stock tumbled 41 points. That day the North Node (the point of destiny) conjuncted Netflix's natal Pluto (the planet of transformation) and the company's stock lost 30 percent of its value.

Now Netflix needs to rebuild its reputation and gain respect back by the time Saturn moves to oppose the natal Saturn (Nov. 2016) or this company will stay on a downhill tract and never recover. We'll know sooner rather than later. Netflix will have another major announcement in March 2012 (South Node conjunct natal Sun and Saturn trine natal Uranus). And from here it doesn't look like it will go over too well.

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