How Your Sun Sign Affects Your Study Style

The kids are back in school and bringing home the homework. By putting each Sun sign on the Ascendant of the chart we can read the third house for homework and study style.

The and bringing home the homework. Were you good about getting your homework done?  I was one of those 'homework on the bus' types.

By the time I got home it was mostly done. And while your sun sign is just one small part of your chart it’s still fun to look at how the different signs approach things, in this case homework.

By putting each sun sign on the Ascendant of the chart we can read the third house for homework and study style.

Aries—when it comes to homework this sign can multi-task, so doing homework while listening to music is OK. Also try doing homework in 20-minute increments with a 10- minute break in between. 

Taurus—try doing your homework at the kitchen table. Start with the items that you can finish the quickest and work your way down your list to bigger projects.

Gemini—Gemini’s are known for their ability to do two things at once so they are better off studying with others or having others in the same room. Consider saving the subject you like the most for last.

Cancer—you should have your own desk for studying with all the tools handy (pens, calculators, computers, etc.). Start with the most challenging subject then jump to the easiest. 

Leo—phone a friend and chat about projects and progress. Do your homework where you have a nice view or in attractive surroundings and the work will be easier.

Virgo—you need privacy and a room or desk of your own to complete your tasks.  And sit where you can see the door, not with your back to the door.

Libra—another multi-tasker, you can work with the TV on as long as you can’t see the picture, only hear it. Also, it’s good to do your work on paper and not just on the computer.

Scorpio—does great work where you have a view of what the rest of the family is doing. Or put your desk near a window so you can see what’s going on outside while you study.

Sagittarius—can do great things using technology, consider doing your homework on the computer. Also jump from subject to subject if you get stuck. 

Capricorn—the sound of water can be soothing, do homework near a fountain or fish tank. Also, you can remember facts more easily if you write them down and sleep with them under your pillow.

Aquarius—get your homework done fast by setting a kitchen timer. Go through answers quickly and then go back and work on the ones you didn’t know. 

Pisces—avoid procrastination by having a reward at the end (dessert or video game time).  And it’s OK to study in a comfortable chair rather than upright at a desk.  

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