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What's Up with the 2012 Autumn Equinox?

There are ways to bring in the new season right here in Laguna Niguel.

This year the Fall Equinox arrives on Saturday, Sept. 22 and in Laguna Niguel at 7:49 a.m. It marks the transition of seasons. Equinoxes occur because of the tilt of the earth’s axis and alignment with the sun. In the Northern Hemisphere we will be experiencing the fall equinox while in the Southern Hemisphere this will be the beginning of summer

The Autumn Equinox in conjunction with harvest festivals has been celebrated since ancient times. Mankind has always noted the sun’s cycles in balance with life. Stonehenge in England is one such place where the movement of the sun in the sky was observed.

The Druids, a priest cast from England, Ireland and France, had rituals there to mark celestial alignments. Today, Neo Druids still celebrate there. Mabon a Wiccan or Neo Pagan holiday for the harvest and transition to winter is also celebrated around this time

The Sun was the great life giver and the change of seasons was a chance to celebrate and honor the gifts of nature. It is a time of processing, and celebrating the harvest of abundance from the summer. It marks the shift to longer nights until Winter Solstice in December.

Here in Southern California with the present balmy heat and humidity it hardly seems fall like. Still the sounds of drum bands from nearby football fields echo into our living rooms and Christmas decorations side by side Halloween gear signals a fundamental though surface type of shift of mind.

Fall Alignment

Historically fall draws us inward to a more introspective frame of mind. It is time to prepare for winter or in spiritual terms 'a regeneration of mind and body.' In the fall we go over what we have accomplished, just as ancient people would sort out the harvest and prepare for the colder days ahead.

This year for us as we approach this pivotal point it is is important to reflect over what we have accomplished so far this year. This year, 2012, has been intense, perhaps more so than many recent years. It is interesting that as we come to the autumn equinox we are also approaching major timelines for the current election cycle.

The energy on the planet is really keyed up and polarized. Planetary alignments only kick it up more. Libra, an air sign comes in on Sept. 23, right after this celestial configuration. The focal point of Libra is balance - hence the scales. The intense energetic blasts on the planet that humanity is going through are anything but balanced. Therefore this equinox will exert a tenuous force on some as they struggle to find themselves in all the geopolitical fallout pressing upon the globe. The very planet itself will shake a little as we all move a little closer to December.

What You Can Do

Look within yourself as the forces of the earth and the sun align the hours of the day and night equally on Saturday. See where there may be imbalance in your life. Decide if it suits your or is making you uncomfortable. It could be that you are stressing more than normal or utilizing crutches more than you need to handle the such as drinking, eating, or doing social media too much.

Review your beliefs. This election cycle is pushing an agenda of misalignment with our true human capabilities of compassion and love for our world, this is regardless of political leaning. The current polarity is extreme and toxic. Our thoughts and words create our reality. Everything that is happening now is building the world that we and our children will live in. Stand in the position of clarity, compassion and peace if you are able.

There are some local harvest celebrations Find something to do if you feel the desire. Look at what you have accomplished and give kudos where due. On the physical level discover what you can share, give away or help others with as we move into the next season.

This Equinox set your intention for a more positive stable world and a sustainable future for yourself and others!

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Charles September 23, 2012 at 12:22 PM
OK, my equinox question of the day. What would happen if I transplanted a tree from SoCal to somewhere at the same latitude and climate in South America? There the seasons are transitioning from winter to spring. My transplanted tree would be in its leaf shedding stage but it would enter an environment that is starting the blooming stage. What would the tree do?


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