What Your Choice of Adult Halloween Costume Says About You

What your choice of various adult halloween costumes say about who you are inside.

Halloween is a popular holiday for children and adults alike and right now most celebrants are finalizing their costumes for the many upcoming events. One quarter of all the candy sold in the U.S for the year is purchased during the Halloween season and despite the recession people are still shopping for the perfect costume.


The origins of Halloween come from a myriad of ancient customs and traditions. Some historians say the holiday originated with ancient Roman festivities. Though most agree the more likely roots come from the Celtic celebration of Samhain.

In ancient times the winter season was scary with the shorter days and coming hardships of winter. Samhain was a celebration of the autumn harvest and the preparation for winter. It was later to believed to be the day when the veil between the living and the dead was the thinnest and spirits and humans could interact. Costumes came about to hide from the spirits that were said to be wandering around. Over the centuries various beliefs and customs have come together to give us the current Halloween holiday traditions.

For adults Halloween is like Las Vegas as it allows the alter ego a time to indulge in fantasies or to show a side of themselves that they usually keep veiled. Costume selection can include ornate and original concoctions or expensive designs purchased online or at Halloween shops.

Children tend to go toward characters that are trendy from movies or that they love from books and video games while adults subliminally go towards costumes that reflect a part of who they are inside. On the spiritual side many adults choose costumes that come from a past life incarnation. People are drawn to historical period clothing that is familiar.

Adult Costumes

Police • Fireman • Pilot • Military • Astronaut

Traditional role costumes reflect an inner desire to be a provider of stability and to have a role in the community support where you are well thought of. There is also a yearning to face and tackle danger and succeed.

Nurse • Doctor • Priest • Nun

Are innately healers and providers and want to make a difference for others. They want to give of themselves in some form for the community.

Pirate • Renaissance • Serving Wench • Knight • Roman Centurion • Conan • Greek or Roman Citizen

These costumes reflect a past life connection from some period in history that was relevant for the wearer. They may find themselves drawn to books, movies and other items from the time.

Super Hero - Batman • Green Lantern • Captain America • Catwoman • Movie Action Hero - Tron • Conan

Here we have adventurers that secretly harbor a desire to make a strong difference in the world using a gift or talent that they have.

Fantasy - Navi • Video Game Character, etc.

Are imaginative visionaries who feel free on Halloween to express the alternative realities they would like to create and live in.

Politicians - Obama • Sarah Palin • Michelle Bachman etc.

People who are aware of the power structures of society and would like to be a part of it and generally on top of it.

Sorceress • Witch • Warlock • Vampires • Mummy • Werewolf

People who have a tie to the mystical and like the idea of bringing a fantasy out in the form of a mythical creature. Have an inner power they normally keep hidden.

Monster • Movie Horror Figure

People who like to shock and scare people. On the inside enjoy the power surge that comes with causing a big reaction.

Angel • Devil • Fairy

People with a secret side that is peeking out and in need of a little expression.

Sexy - Genie • Belly Dancer, etc.

People with the bodies that say I am hot. They may have a bit of an exhibitionist tendency.

Original Costumes Designed by the Wearer

Creative individuals who think outside of the box and utilize the holiday to express their individuality.

Whatever your expression this Halloween, choose wisely, be safe and have fun!

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