UFOs Over Laguna Niguel: Part 1 with Top UFO Researcher

Recent sightings of UFOs in Laguna Niguel, have caused a stir. Researcher Ed McBride tries to shed some light on UFOs.

There has been a bit of a local buzz about recently seen in Laguna Niguel.

After reading about those , I was intrigued and asked to check out this story.

I know little about UFOs , however, having grown up in rural North Carolina I like many who have lived in open areas, have seen a few unusual things in the expanse of pitch black sky along the back roads. However, the wildest unidentified flying object, I ever saw, was hardly in the sky.

One night around 9 p.m., when I was about 11; my family and I were watching television. My aunt and I were near the window when we both heard a whirring noise approaching the house. The sound was distinct for it was familiar to me as a child.

You see in my generation, the coolest man-powered vehicles of all times were our Banana bikes. To kick them up a notch we would put playing cards on the tire spokes with clothespins and hit the road. The sound as we kicked up speed was awesome. That clatter is what we heard coming down the dirt road beside our place. We wondered, however, who would be riding that late at night.

When we looked out, what we saw startled us. It was one of those things where you look at the other person and know you will not speak of it again at least to each other.

Down the road sped a vehicle going at least 200 m.p.h. that I can only describe as a racing pod from Star Wars Phantom Menace. However,  it seemed to be covered in multi-colored 70s Christmas lightbulbs or something of that effect. It was about 3 feet off the ground speeding along with incredible maneuvering ability. What it really was I will never know but it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.

The reports from the early March sightings in Laguna Niguel probably seemed just as startling for those that described them. First on March 3, near Marina Hills there was a report of a sighting of a fireball type of object. 

Dosborn44 wrote:

While walking in Laguna Niguel about 7 p.m. on March 3, 2012, I saw three moving objects with red lights (not blinking) lined up across part of the sky. After about 30 seconds the front object changed direction and went straight up until out of sight. The remaining two objects were then joined by another and after about 30 seconds the front object went straight up until out of sight. This pattern was repeated for a total of seven objects, [the] red lighted object would fade out then another one would appear from the other side. This all lasted about 5 minutes.

When Laguna Niguel Patch Editoe Debbie Sklar asked me about it, I turned to my friend Dave Alan who does a paranormal and spiritual radio talk show up near Santa Cruz on KSCO. He connected me with Ed McBride who incidentally was going to be talking about UFOs on his show on Sunday.

Ed McBride is a researcher, his website and organization, redovni.org is dedicated to educating people about UFOs. He says sightings have occurred throughout history and according to his website at least 15 to 20 million Americans have seen a UFO. This includes pilots, sheriffs, police, farmers, and regular citizens alike. Most sightings go unreported but there are still about half a million reports documented each year.

In the 1950s, he was a radar operator, he later became a Hieratic translator; which means he translates the cursive form of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. This is what led McBride on the path of studying UFOs for he found an ancient 3,000-year-old slab with a description of a huge space craft that floated down the Nile River during an annual celebration in Kemet or Egypt.

His work is documented and is kept on display in the Library of the Griffith Institute; Ashmolean Museum; Oxford, United Kingdom.

Our Interview

Debra Campbell: Mr. McBride what do you think about the descriptions of the UFOs that have been seen recently in Laguna Niguel?

McBride: “Well, we cannot be sure with the fireball. Sometimes those can be lanterns and so forth. There are many sightings that are quite normal things from Venus, to balloons and other common objects.

"However, the second report of the object going straight up does sound like a UFO. The reason is because it is doing a maneuver that our aircrafts are not capable of at such speeds.  We do not have anything that can accelerate and shoot upwards vertically.

"Many of the vehicles that are seen can go up to 18,000 miles per hour or more and blow past our jets and flyers.  Some of them can turn at right angles and execute moves that quite frankly are impossible for us.

"They seem to be powered by some type of antigravity field. Whatever it is they use, we simply are not there yet. Maybe in time we will be but not now.

"These two reports do seem unusual when combined together. The reporter contacted the FAA, sheriff’s department, military and local airport, however and they all reported nothing abnormal that day.

“That has been the norm for some years now. From reports I know that some in those types of agencies around the country and the world have seen unidentified objects. These reports are generally repressed or ignored.”

Campbell: Why is that?

McBride: I would say that the government does take many of these reports seriously of course. Any country is going to want to know what is flying around in its air space. There can be varying reasons why there is non-disclosure. Many people may not want to lose their pensions. A lot of times people are told to ignore them or not report them.

Most of the black-out comes from the Cold War era when there were a lot of UFO reports. In 1952 in July there was a major sighting over the capital that was in the New York Times. During that period we were having difficulties with Russia and we were afraid that we were going to be attacked by them. Also at the same time people were seeing all of these UFOs.

So the government did not want confusion between actual possible attacks and all of these UFO reports. What they decided to do was dissuade people from reporting UFOs and they did that by ridiculing people. The media made people out to be crazy who saw them and it was made to be a ‘ha ha ho hum’ thing. So many people became reluctant to say anything about such sightings over the years.”

Campbell: Now with digital cameras and phones it is easy to get material if you happen to see things but equally easy with Photo Shop to fake as well I suppose.

McBride: Yes there is a lot of fakery but there are still many real reports that quite frankly we don’t know what they all are.”

Cambell: Why do you think these UFOs were in Laguna Niguel? I know there have been pockets of group sightings in recent years such as in Phoenix, Florida and Texas.

McBride: I don’t know. I am not sure of anything specific that they would be looking for in the Laguna Niguel area. UFOs are seen all over the world however and have been documented for thousands of years.

Campbell: Should people worry?

McBride:No, as I said this sort of thing has been going on for a long time. Perhaps these craft or the beings inside them see earth as a of sorts. Could be a stop over to pick up supplies. Maybe it is like when we on earth go to the zoo or aquarium. We do know however they seem to be worried about our ability to blow oursleves up with all of our weapons. They seem to not want us to do that.

Campbell: Now skeptics are going to go crazy over that. Why do so many seem to see this as nonesense?

McBride: Well skeptics are usually dead set in their opinions and there is nothing that will convince them otherwise. They just dig in more. There are millions of reports through out the years by people some who have never seen television. There is something going on. No we do not have all the answers. But perhaps it is time for more people to become open to the possibilities.

Be ready for the next installment about where these craft may come from and what they may want here. 

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EB April 04, 2012 at 04:30 PM
Wow, very interesting topic indeed! Thank you for the information. It's nice to know there are UFO experts who do know and believe that these sightings are true regardless of what our government/military say otherwise. I think its time for the world to know that other life forms exist in our universe and that we are not alone. EB
Seeker April 25, 2012 at 04:21 PM
I'm very interested in connecting with others in South County who wish to explore this topic. MUFON is the world's largest UFO organization, but the nearest chapter is in Costa Mesa. I know there are a lot of South County UFO watchers who would like to get together. Maybe we can start a MUFON chapter here? I posted a comment on another article here on Patch, but only received one smart-ass response. Not interested in debating with non-believers, only serious minded.


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