11:11:11: Alignment on Friday, Nov. 11, 2011

11:11:11 is a power date for many foretelling a gateway for major positive change or the planet for some or doomsday to others. Find out the real meaning of 11:11:11.

The coming date of Nov. 11, 2011 written as 11:11:11 holds momentous power for some but foretells of pending doom to others. Numerology which is the study of how numbers affect life and the world says that 11 is a power number. It is a numeral of spirituality and for some it is the vibration of God consciousness or spiritual oneness. The numbers 11, 22 and 33 have been known as powerful connectors that somehow trigger activation within our soul memories and DNA.

To the average observer such thoughts amount to hogwash and a number is simply a number. Yet mathematics and its connections to our psyche have been studied since ancient times. Pythagoras the great mathematician looked at numbers in relation to the whole of the universe.

All in the Numbers

In reality numbers and dates have been discussed, analyzed and utilized throughout much of our history. Wars, weddings and births have been scheduled according to dates. Those that study numbers understand why 9-11 was such a powerful date to launch an attack. It was not because the date was negative but that it instead was a power date for maximum impact using the frequency that is attached to the number 11.

People have little doubt that color associations affect our group consciousness. We have associated that green is healing and means growth. We know that red on the traffic light and sign means stop. Yellow is upbeat and blue is soothing in most color schemes.

However, people have not fully connected with the theory of number association, yet number patterns do affect us. Many see the pattern of things ‘coming in threes.’ They also may notice that they have personal number patterns that occur in their lives. These may be numbers that each person is connected with such as birth dates, house numbers, and other significant statistics.

The Clock

Also many have the phenomenon of being drawn to look at the clock at certain times. They may find that they are drawn to the times of 11:11, 12:12 and the like. Those numbers tell the consciousness that they are on the right track or to pay attention because there is something they need to hear, see or understand. They also tell the individual that they are not alone and that perhaps their spirit guide, angel or a person on the other side is sending them a message.

I am sure this is difficult to swallow for some but patterns, coincidence and synchronicity tell us that everything is connected and there are no random occurrences in the big scheme of things. The fabric of the universe is wrapped around us and integrated in our consciousness in a holographic envelope that has as its background mathematical precision.

So as Friday, Nov.11, 2011 dawns with its power numbers of 11:11:11 there are celebrations and gatherings around the world to commemorate the date. Indeed if you Google the date you will find many events around the Orange County area connected to the day.

Spirtual Meaning

For the spiritually minded 11:11:11 is a portal bringing in a new dawn of energy to the earth and this part of the universe. You can think of it as turning the cosmic dial to an alignment of power that is said to be a trigger for awakening, healing and awareness on the planet. If so that is indeed good news.

On the other hand, those that study some Biblical prophecies and other doomsday alignments see it as a number pattern that sets the earth up for the apocalypse. So you can see that this date has many people thinking on a larger scale.

Eleven= Power

My personal view is that 11 is a number of power. It connects us with the larger thread of global consciousness. There is no doubt that humanity is connected on many levels. Physics which is math and numbers is at the belly of every thing that exists whether we can explain it or not. Therefore if would seem fitting that some number patterns are powerfully connected to us.

I believe reality is created by our thoughts on the individual and group levels. Therefore my intention is to look at 11:11:11 as a power day that can help mankind come together in a united thought vibration. If that is the case what would it hurt to take a moment and give a ‘love and light’ shout out to the world at the same time as many others are doing it. Friday morning at 11:11 a.m. is said to be very significant.

Get together with friends and find an 11:11:11 event to attend or have your own. Light a candle, connect with others of like mind and focus on the good and positive that we can call to the planet and to its inhabitants. Peace and love!

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