SONGS Controversy: 'I'm Not Here to Answer Your Goddamned Questions. Now Shut Up'

Opponents of the SONGS settlement say these angry words from the head of the Public Utilities Commission indicate something is awry.

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. Photo courtesy of SONGS.
San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. Photo courtesy of SONGS.

Opponents of a proposed settlement related to the shutdown of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station said today the head of the California Public Utilities Commission has publicly made comments that indicate he had private meetings with regulators and when questioned about it at a hearing erupted in a profane outburst.

Michael R. Peevey, president of the California Public Utilities Commission, when quizzed by former San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre at a May 14 commission meeting, said, "I'm not here to answer your goddamned questions. Now shut up," according to video posted on YouTube by Citizens Oversight Committee.

Ray Lutz of Citizens Oversight Committee, which opposes the settlement announced in March, said, "So what that says to me is you wouldn't blow up like this unless you have a guilty conscience or something, so I think he has a lot of explaining to do."

Lutz noted Peevey is a former employee of Southern California Edison.

"He has a question on the table. Did he meet with (utility officials)? And he's refused to answer," Lutz said. "It's interesting, though. He has some integrity. He didn't just lie. He told the guy to shut up instead."

Christopher Chow, a spokesman for the commission, said Aguirre likely elicited the angry response because he was "improperly" posing questions and statements at the May 14 hearing.

Peevey issued the following statement:

"The proposed settlement was conceived and agreed to by the settling parties without any knowledge by me of its contents. I remain focused on evaluating it on its merits. My commitment since joining the CPUC more than 12 years ago is to serve the public interest by promoting safety and ensuring reliable utility service at reasonable rates."

When the settlement was announced in March, officials said it would relieve Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric customers of paying $1.4 billion in utility charges. The settlement was reached with the Utility Reform Network, state Office of Ratepayer Advocates and the two utility companies that own the power plant.

The commission must approve the settlement, which will be discussed at a hearing June 16 in Costa Mesa.

The settlement's advocates argue it would shift the financial burden to the shareholders of the utilities.

The Citizens Oversight Committee calls it a $3.3 billion bailout of Edison and that it will cost ratepayers on average $200 per person instead of providing refunds. The group is calling for a 10 percent reduction in electricity rates.

One of the power plant's reactors was shut down two years ago because of a small leak. Another reactor was undergoing maintenance at the time and was never restarted.

Edison decided to shut down the plant last June.

--City News Service

imcjl May 28, 2014 at 10:25 AM
Gus, Christianity is a religion, God is not... next.
imcjl May 28, 2014 at 10:40 AM
And gus, you never answered my response to your post above where you supported using what others consider offensive words in headlines because it accurately portrays where people stand. So should Patch have instead used "Nigger" instead of the "N-word" in their New Hampshire Patch headline, since that more accurately describes where that person stands?
Gus Gunderson May 28, 2014 at 10:45 AM
Ipmcji, since when is God not a religion? And who are you to determine what my religion is what I believe, and who or if God is my religion or not ?
Sierra Salin May 29, 2014 at 02:50 PM
All of us, with our loose screws, half baked beliefs and certainties, are crazy. Our knees jerk up and the guns come out, as we defend it all in our ignorant righteousness. god, allah, wakan tanka, yahweh, etc, etc, etc, and whatever one cares to call the ultimate unknowable mystery. Get over it, whatever one says, and however one says it, we are always going to piss off, or piss on, someone else, and of all the religions. We fail constantly, and how rarely do we sincerely ask forgiveness? How few of us actually follow ( but we sure profess and pontificate) what the founders which are so revered, actually said (and meant) or how they lived. So, go ahead and have your fights and your god sanctified wars, and rip the planet to shreds in righteous glory, which is nothing but stupid ego and power lust in any religion, and any side. pull the logs out of our own eyes, and god, jesus, allah, etc, please, save us all from misunderstanding, ignorance, and bullshit. How few religious professing folks of ANY faith practice, what was taught.... LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR....... We all fail here folks, including me. All in all, I am ashamed to be an American, and proud of it. We are a consuming horde of ignorance, apathy, and professing, while we continue endless wars, profiteering, and the reduction of the commons of Nature and all life to landfills and lifeless rubble. But hey, we have our cars to spew around in, and out televisions to occupy the time, and amazon to buy more lifeless junk, to our door. The Boook of Nature IS the book folks. Look around at the air, water and soil, and then go back to fighting and consuming.....? Good grief, we are all loons.
imcjl July 12, 2014 at 10:45 AM
Sierra, or is that "Angry, party of one?" So why do stay here, you seem wildly unhappy...


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