Patch Picks: Best Whoopee Pies in Town!

There's nothing like one of these high-calorie snacks to give you some instant satisfaction. Here are Laguna Niguel's Patch Picks.

Looking for a delicious, albeit high-calorie, treat for after school or just for fun? Look no further than the decadent whoopee pie.  If you are not familiar with this cream-filled delight, let me introduce you.

A whoopee pie is a cake version of the Oreo.  It is two moist, usually chocolate, cake patties brought together by cream or marshmallow fluff. There are few places you can find this incredible snack in the Laguna Niguel area.

1. : Most stores have six-packs for $3.50.  They also offer a variety of flavors that include banana.

2. : As part of its new petite offering, it has a red-velvet version. One is $1.50, but you can buy the second for only $1.  Very yummy, but petite.

3. y: The best of the bunch.  For $1.59, one bite of this large chocolate dessert will have you yelling “whoopee!” before your second bite.

The great thing about these is that you can enjoy them whether you're out,  in the car or at home. Because they look like a sandwich, they pack well in lunches. Whoopee pies are the perfect snack!

Megan Silkman April 11, 2011 at 05:06 PM
Yum, these are an all-time favorite of mine and a popular treat back East! Delicious! Martha Stewart has a great, easy recipe to make them at home too: http://www.marthastewart.com/article/whoopie-pie


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