New Laguna Niguel Patch Grocery and Coupon Specials Section

The section has hundreds of local retailers' specials listed in one place - just print out the ones you want. Patch is now offering coupon shopping made easy.

Wondering where strawberries are the lowest price in Laguna Niguel? How about the best deals on paper towels and green beans? Maybe you run out of milk and need it quick, and cheap. Forget waiting gor the fliers in the mailbox, we've got you covered.

Part of the mission of Laguna Niguel Patch is to make your life ridiculously easy. Now, there is a new way we can help you before you head to the grocery store.

Check out our new Grocery Specials Section. It lets you browse our local grocery coupons and weekly specials, just like the ones found in newspapers, all in one place, and without getting newsprint on your fingers and hands.

Here's what else you can do:

  • Find grocery specials in local grocery stores
  • Search by store, by category, or by item 
  • Add specials and coupons to create your own list, which totals your bill ahead of time
  • Print coupons
  • Print a list of specials
  • Email a list of specials to yourself or another person

To get to the grocery specials section from the home page, on the dashboard (main navigational bar at the top) go to the last one marked More Stuff and click on it, you will find the Commute, Jobs, Volunteer and then Grocery Specials. Click on the Grocery Specials tab and browse away. If you're a coupon shopper, you won't ever go grocery shopping without Patch again.


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