Moulton Niguel Water District Almost Finished With $15K Plant Project at Offices

The project is 98 percent complete and the renovation costs include planting and irrigation. Do you think it should be spending $15K on new plants, take our poll.

Since November has been in the process of planting California-friendly or drought-tolerant plants around its administrative offices at 27500 La Paz Road at cost of $15,025. 

Funding came out of the Replacement and Refurbishment fund, which is a capital improvement fund for existing facilities, said MNWD General Manager Bob Gumerman.

The project is 98 percent complete and the renovation costs include planting and irrigation, according to , who retires June 25.

"There are a few plants that were back ordered and the 'story board' is being constructed that will explain  to ratepayers about drought tolerant (i.e. California Friendly plants) and their effective utilization in their landscaping projects," he said.

The story board will be located on the side of the walkway into the building.

"We're very pleased, now that we finally got it this far," he said. "The story board will explain why residents should consider these plants, and how they can save water by doing so."

While planting these plants is an attempt to save on irrigation and caretaking costs, there is another reason.

"Most important is that it will demonstrate to our ratepayers what the possibilities are when using California-friendly plants," Gumerman told 

The MNWD uses recycled water for irrigation at its administrative office building.  This is one of more than 1,200 recycled water connections in the MNWD. Currently, more than 21 percent of the annual water usage in the MNWD is recycled water, which extends the domestic water supplies for the region, and results in a cost-savings for the recycled water users, he said.  

Recycled water is sold at 80 percent of the potable water rates.

Do you think MNWD should be spending money on these renovations? Take our poll below or leave a comment.

The following is a list of the plant materials that will be used:


Botanical Name

Common Name


Achillea Millefolium "Island Pink"



Agave Attenuata

No Common Name


Anigozanthos Flavidus "Big Red"

Kangaroo Paws


Arctostaphylos "Emerald Carpet"

Dwarf Manzanita


Arctostaphylos "Pacific Mist"

Pacific Mist Manzanita


Ceanothus Thyrsiflorus "Skylark"

Wild Lilac


Lavatera Maritima

Tree Mallow


Mahonia Repens

Creeping Mahonia


Muhlenbergia Capillaris "Regal Mist"

Pink Muhly


Myrtus C. "Compacta"

Dwarf Myrtle


Nandina Domestica

Domestic Bamboo


Nandia D. "Gulfstrem"

Gulfstream Nandina


Nassella Tenuissima

Mexican Feather Grass


Phormiums Texax "Jack Spratt"

Dwarf Flax


Phormiums Texax "Bronze Baby"

Bronze Flax


Trichostema Lanatum

Woolly Blue Curls


Verbena Lilacina "De La Mina"

Cendros Island Verbena


Zauschneria "Summer Snow"

California Fuchsia




Botanical Name

Common Name

Quantity for Each Pot

Echeveria Agavides



Echeveria Gibbiflora

Soveign Blue


Graptopetalum Paraguayense

Ghost Plant


Graposedum "Bronze"

No Common Name


Graptoveria Hybrid

Fred Ives


Sedum Morganianum

Donkey Tail



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