Local Man Reels in 13-Pound Trout at Laguna Niguel Lake

The local lake is teaming with trout that are just waiting to be caught, according to Rick Mendoza.

Did you know that 40,000 pounds of rainbow trout have been stocked in since Nov. 16?  

John Coyan of Laguna Niguel sure does. He caught a 13-pounder recently. The catch, according to Rick Menodoza, co-owner of Rip 'n Lips, the company that rents fishing equipment, boats and more at the lake, was caught on soaking yellow power bait in zone 1.

Other big trout of the week:

  • Jubanl Serrado of Tustin, with a 14-pound, 3-ounce, trout that hit a chrome kastmaster.
  • Eytan Rosenburg of Los Angeles weighed in a 13-pound, 2-ounce trout that took red glitter power bait in zone 2 via float tube.
  • Miguel Valencia of Santa Ana caught a 13-pound trout twitching a Trout King mini jig at the launch ramp.
  • Armando Ramirez of Garden Grove caught an 11-pound, 5-ounce, trout twitching a Trout King mini jig in zone 2.
  • Mike Torrey of Lawndale caught a 10-pound, 9-ounce, trout that hit a super-duper at three pipes.

Mendoza said trout continue to chew night crawlers and any color power bait dipped in garlic scent.

"Big trout continue smashing crank baits with the mirror shad and SC shiner working best. Fly fishermen continue to hammer fish in the flats using bead head midges in black, olive, grey and red patterns. The water temperature is currently 56 degrees with 4 to 6 feet visibility."


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