Big, Bold, Beef Deals for the Holidays

Skipping the ham and bypassing the goose? Here are the best beef deals around.

You don't have to make the traditional Christmas goose or the ham for your holiday meal. There are some great deals around town for beef, including prime rib roast and rib-eye. Nothing warms up the holidays better than a juicy prime-rib roast cooking in the oven emitting savory aromas throughout the house. Here are five beef deals in Laguna Niguel this week that even Henry VIII would envy.

  1. Gelson's has USDA Choice prime rib roast large end, bone in, all natural, no hormones or antibiotics. Available for $10.99 per pound, a savings of $4 per pound.
  2. Albertsons has beef rib-eye roast, bone in, for $3.77 per pound, a savings of up to $1.22 per pound, through Dec. 25.
  3.  Ralphs has boneless New York roast, USDA Choice beef loin, limit two, with card for $3.99 per pound,  a savings of $8 per pound or more.
  4. Vons has Rancher's Reserve brand boneless beef chuck pot roast for $1.97 per pound or boneless beef cross rib roast for $2.47 per pound; save up to $2.92 per pound.
  5. Smart & Final has Cattleman's Finest brand of boneless beef rib-eye roast for $6.99 per pound.


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