Livin' La Vida Loca: Author Signing Laguna Niguel

Stephanie Hester, an expert on how to balance life, work and family during these chaotic times will be at Peet's Coffee and Tea on Saturday.

Stephanie Hester, the author of "Choose a Better Life: Common Sense for Uncommon Living," will be shedding some light on how to balance life, work and family during these chaotic times at an upcoming book signing. 

Her book has just been released by Tate Publishing and she will be at 32371 Golden Lantern, Laguna Niguel on Saturday, Nov. 10 from 1 to 3 p.m. 

A speaker for more than a decade, she said she wrote the book for a number of reasons.

"On a regular basis people were telling me I needed to write a book about my life experiences and the lessons I’ve learned. That was how "Choose a Better Life" came to be," she said. "It’s really all about my mantra: You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can always control how you respond to what happens to you."

She says the book is appropriate for just about everyone who needs some balance. 

"While it appeals to a lot of people, my target audience is women over 35 who recognize that life is not always perfect," she said.

While it may be her first book, and one that took several years to complete, she is in the process of wrtiting more.  

"The book is inspired by posts from my blog that were written over several years. The actual writing of the book itself took several months," she said.

Hester is a local, full time motivational speaker, consultant and author. 

Her ideas come from personal life lessons, observations and from stories shared with her by people I’ve met from around the world. 

The book is available online at chooseabetterlife.com/cabl-boutique/, barnesandnoble.com and amazon.com. You can also stop by any bookstore and ask for it, and if it’s not in stock they can order it. Books will also be availabe at the signing. 

Hester is married to Chuck and they have three daughters, one in Hawaii, one getting her Master's from Purdue and one who is a Senior at Dana Hill High School.


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