WATCH: Perseid Meteor Shower Here if You Missed it

This year's Perseid meteor shower peaked Friday and into early Saturday morning. While it may be over, you can still watch several videos of the event that left many in awe.

This year's Perseid meteor shower provided some prime celestial fireworks Friday night and into Saturday morning. Check this YouTube video out for a personal look of what you missed.

There was also a live feed from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, that is now over, however, you can view the official Perseid YouTube trailer here, too, get a feel for the event.

Many made plans to watch and chat with NASA astronomer Bill Cooke and his team from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center as they answered questions about the Perseids via live Web chat.

In California, you didn't need a telescope or even binoculars, just a comfortable chair, said Craig Bobchin, president of Orange County Astronomers club. Many gathered at Lto watch Friday night like local Todd Abrams who said, "It was totally awesome and almost surreal."

“A meteor shower,” Bobchin explained, “is the Earth going through the dust trail of a comet from years ago.”

He said Perseid is one of the better known annual natural fireworks shows and usually is one of the best, though this year “the full moon is going to wash out a lot of the fainter meteors.”

Tell us in comments where you watched and what you thought.


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