Monday was National Apple Dumpling Day

Sept. 17 is the day when you can splurge on a soft dumpling, filled with fruit, meat, or whatever you like.

If you feel like a treat today, why not opt for an apply dumpling? After all, it is National Apple Dumpling Day, says The Nibble.com

Did you know there are different types of dumplings, but they all involve a piece of a piece of dough?

For instance, the web site says there is the sweet dumpling, which is dough wrapped around fruit, baked and served as a dessert, such as apple dumpling.

Next, there is the savory dumpling, sometimes filled with meat or vegetables, and cooked in liquid such as water or soup, and served in soup.

Others are served as a side starch, instead of potatoes.

Some people refer to fried balls of sweet or savory dough as dumplings.

Regardless of what kind you like, why not whip up a batch?

Shop locally and support the community by buying the ingredients for your dumplings at any of these stores below:

Trader Joe's

Whole Foods Market






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