The Search for the God Particle

Such endeavors could someday lead to the acknowledgment that science and spirituality are interconnected.

Sneaking in past the media blitz in the news was a little renewed interest in the “God particle.” A memo that was later said to be unconfirmed stated that the Large Hadron Collider in France had uncovered the much sought-after subatomic particle. The God particle is the pet name for the Higgs boson. 
Theoretical physicist Peter Higgs came up with the Higgs particles and related mechanism in the 1960s. This Higgs boson, or the God particle, is said to give mass to other particles in the universe, but it has never been found. So there was the necessary excitement that CERN—the European Organization for Nuclear Research—and the Large Hadron Collider had finally found it.
Particle and Human Duality

The prospect brings a lot of spiritual and metaphysical interest for me. I am not a physicist by any means. Quantum mechanics and the new theories of the universe fascinate me because I hope that science and spirituality can begin to bridge the huge chasm that separates them. Many of the new theories speak of possible new dimensions and wormholes. Basic quantum theory expounds on particle wave duality, which is that light can be either a wave or a particle.
We as humans have a particle body and a wave spirit. Our observations of our spiritual existence tell us we can be the physical body or spiritual energy and not always via death. With astral travel and remote viewing, the individual allows a part of his consciousness to travel and leave his physical body. When people who have had a  experience, they find that a part of their awareness is often able to observe their bodies from an outside position and note occurrences that the physical body in its prone state could not possibly be aware of.
Getting Answers

The Higgs boson will give science answers to questions about the universe’s mass and expansion. It will undoubtedly open up many new questions in the process. In history there have been masters, gurus and teachers who have had the phenomenal ability to seemingly create objects out of nothing. Sathya Sai Baba, who passed on April 24, was said to be able to create for his disciples ash, jewels and other objects from the air. Of course, he had many detractors and many who sought to prove he was a fake.
There have been many other men and women in history who have defied the known laws of physics to create material things, move through physical objects and do healings and the like. We are taught that what you think upon is created. Our thoughts can become form. If so, perhaps our conscious mind can have a profound effect upon the universe, and that should give us pause to reflect upon what we are thinking and creating.
On the mystical path, it is important to become aware of the inter-connections between science, various religious and spiritual practices, art, language and history. We must study these subjects and see how they blend. As with anything, when we look at only a part of something, we miss the entirety of it. Like a hologram, a small portion can reflect the bigger picture.

Pat May 01, 2011 at 05:14 PM
Mr. FSA, let's not run down any theory. We only 'know' a drop of the ocean as far as science is concerned. There is alot out there that we are ignorant about..a lot out there only if we keep an open mind
JoeJohn May 01, 2011 at 07:22 PM
So this is about an unconfirmed memo that lacks adequate scientific proof.
Ian Baker May 01, 2011 at 09:53 PM
I always find it interesting when people who have not studied any of these subjects begin inserting their opinions into a public forum. While fsa throws around a few scientific terms and a base formula that the average sixth grader knows, this person fails to understand the depth this article's intent seems to describe. We are not talking about the laymen's understanding of the laws of electromagnetism or about radiation. It's a much deeper theory that goes into quantum mechanics and M-theory. Where the mainstream scientific community may not accept the idea of spirituality and quantum theory being linked because they can not presently prove such a link, they can not disprove either. A hundred years ago the scientific community could not have accepted nor proven the science behind cell phone, cable TV or microwave ovens. If presented with these things they would have called it witchcraft. Now people here in this forum want proof about something that is still in it's fetal stage. It in no shape or form misrepresent science in any way. Unless you live in a vacuum (and yes a good majority of people do) you would know there are many, many theories today that link M-theory and spiritual beliefs from both scientist and theologists. But you must study both in some depths to understand this and to see the many similarity's. As I can see the only mistake this article may make is trying to describe quantum mechanics to those whom are still banging rocks together.
Debra Campbell May 02, 2011 at 06:11 AM
Much of science is theory which changes as time passes and we learn more about the universe. Much about theology stays the same deeply hinged in belief. I feel that we owe it to ourselves, the planet and humanity to continue learning, researching and expanding our awareness in order to find out as much as we possibly can on all levels from theology to science. If we stayed deeply rooted in past theories we would still be using old bandages over and over again on different patients as we did before 1861 when Dr. Lister began to use antiseptics in the hospital. Before then going to the hospital was akin to a death sentence because of infections. Prior to that time half of the surgical patients died not necessarily from the surgery but from infection. It is essential that we open our minds to more information on many topics as it advances us as a people. It is also important to expand spiritually because the fact that we can make incredible weapons doesn’t mean we have to or should use them. Our continued push to understand our consciousness and spirits is vital to our legacy on the planet. The endeavor of understanding should be open to allowing varying opinions and dialogues. This column is one of the places to do so.
Solomon May 04, 2011 at 04:22 AM
Remember, "you don't know what you don't know." As with any new concept or theory, it began with a simple thought. Unless otherwise learned, an initial thought comes from a higher state of consciousness. The ability for mankind to continue evolving and progressing towards a more expansive awareness of universal concepts (not man-made concepts based on an ability or inability to prove it from a scientific perspective) is imperative. There is a vast array of universal concepts and theories which exist that cannot be scientifically proven because the tools or perspective from which they are measured are based on theories of the past. The author is saying, open your minds to the possibilities. Dare yourself to open your mind to the unknown. If you are not afraid of what you'd find, you will be amazed at what you get.


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