Start Tracking—The Countdown Until Santa Visits Has Begun

Kids in Laguna Niguel and Dana Point, may now start tracking the man in the red suit thanks to the North American Aerospace Defense Command a.k.a NORAD.

Whether you're child is naughty or nice, you might want to remind them Santa's visit is tonight.

Kids in Laguna Niguel and Dana Point (parents, too) may track the man in the red suit until he comes down the chimney.

The countdown to Santa’s sleigh ride began Dec. 1. Every year it is tradition for the North American Aerospace Defense Command or NORAD to track and report Santa’s whereabouts to the children of the world as he begins his journey to deliver presents. Have your kids check out “Tracking Santa on Christmas” page where they can watch a video and learn how NORAD tracks Santa or click on the YouTube above, says KIDS.gov.

The tradition started by accident on Dec. 24, 1955 when a department store placed an advertisement in a Colorado Springs newspaper which told children that they could telephone Santa Claus and included a number for them to call. However, the telephone number printed was incorrect and the calls went to the Colorado Springs' Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) Center, according to KIDS.gov.

The colonel on duty that night, told his staff to give all children that called in a "current location" for Santa Claus. The tradition continued when the North American Aerospace Defense Command replaced CONAD in 1958.

KIDS.Gov says every year on Christmas Eve, Santa leaves the North Pole and travels across the world to deliver gifts to homes where there are children who believe in him.

Here’s information to help you find out where Santa and his sleigh are throughout the night thanks to KIDS.GOV:

  • Santa is tracked by satellites, just like a rocket in space is. The satellites pick up the heat from Rudolph’s nose to find out where Santa and his sleigh are throughout Christmas Eve.
  • Santa Cameras are placed all over the world so you can see pictures and videos of Santa in different countries at any time at noradsanta.org
  • United States jet fighters welcome Santa into North America and fly with him across the country, getting even more information about where he is as he delivers gifts.
  • Santa arrives at houses only when you are asleep. If you are still awake, he will come back later once you have gone to bed.

(Source: KIDS.gov.)


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