Mercury Retrograde Brings August Chaos

This time it brings the usual communication issues and a splash of minor mix-ups.

Mercury retrogrades occur around three times per year. We are currently in one that began Aug. 2 and will run until Aug. 26.

This time it brings the usual communication issues, minor mix-ups and revisits and an extra splash of chaos. Mercury, the planet of communication, appears to go backward during a retrograde period. This is an illusion. Mercury is the planet long associated with transmitting information in different forms.

When this period occurs, information can get jumbled, discarded, and misdirected. A retrograde of this planet brings up anxiety for some in regard to start-ups and in transmitting information. Some people feel Mercury retros acutely and avoid starting new projects. Others continue as usual without any major issues.

According to Laguna Niguel resident and blogger , "The trick to dealing with Mercury Retrograde is to focus on doing things you want to repeat; vacations, good health habits, buying jewelry and avoiding doing things you don't want to repeat like root canals, engine rebuilds, divorcing."

Usually there is some miscommunication either on a large or small scale. This month the energetic planetary lineup is intense. There is a lot of fire energy, which is both transformational and painful at times. Fire can bring up anger, conflict and clarity. This will happen in all arenas: our inner personal lives, family and workplace and extend to financial and global political areas.  

The headlines leading up to this Mercury retrograde have been a little on the crazy side. Boundaries are being exploded, with some people trying to see how much they can get away with. The overall environment can be fearful and stressful. That makes it a time to get grounded and find some inner peace and stability.  

Some of the Effects of This Mercury Retrograde

As usual per Mercury retrograde is the issue of “blurting” whatever is the real truth in a situation, whether imagined or real. You may find your best friend saying something pretty rude that hurts your feelings. As they say, “The truth will out!” This is a period of revelations.

People may experience a rapid change in moods, as Mercury is a fast-moving planet, and a lot is happening quickly.

There will be some lost emails, packages and missed calls happening on a larger scale.

Things get delayed. People get lost more during this time.

As the psychic field that we are all connected to is agitated, it creates an emotional field of debris. We are all actually intuitive on a level and can pick up the emotions of others. On an intense scale, this is called the mob mentality. So you could begin to feel drained, agitated, sad, down or angry.

The headlines attest that this period is sometimes like the full moon,  and people will commit outrageous acts. Some actions from the past will be discovered and brought to light.

How to Find Peace and Balance During the Retrograde

Take care of yourself and make time to meditate, take a walk, journal, paint or do something you enjoy that relaxes you. Mercury retrograde is a great time to finish old projects that you have left hanging. It is also a time to reconnect to people from the past—perhaps write a note or visit an old friend or relative.  

Utilize this time to examine your body, mind and spirit and see what needs to be checked via a health screening or healed with a massage or Reiki. Clear the clutter in your environment, especially around the computer and desk area.  

Understand that many people thrive and have great success during this time. If a few minor mix-ups happen, put them in perspective and continue to take care of things and find enjoyment along the way.  

Mercury retrograde is about us and how we communicate. Mercury’s energy usually moves so quickly that now during the retrograde, we are asked to slow down and examine what is important in our lives.

"When you show up late because your GPS took to from Laguna Niguel to Corona del Mar by way of Corona, California (and I say this from personal experience) just tell them "Mercury Retrograde" and they'll understand," Stellhorn laughed.


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