Earth Day Is April 22

Don’t be a litterbug, and do your part by helping to clean up the Niguel Botanical Preserve on April 16.

Earth Day arrives on April 22, so how can you help?

Everyone’s working together to make Laguna Niguel nice and green.

Come and plant, weed, and clean up the on April 16;

Wear old clothing and gardening gloves—it’ll be more fun than you think!

A continental breakfast will be served, water will be provided, and there will be a DJ, too.

Prizes will be awarded; just call 632-4351, it’s all you have to do!

Click here for further information on Earth Day in Laguna Niguel.

Grasshopper Facts

You might find some cool grasshoppers when you visit the preserve, so here are some facts about them.

1.    When grasshoppers are hungry, they will eat almost any green plant, although their favorites are grass and the stems of flowering plants.

2.    Young grasshoppers are called nymphs and can eat twice their body weight each day.

3.    Grasshoppers’ predators include spiders, mice, lizards, snakes and birds.  Their biggest enemy, however, is man.

4.    The smallest grasshoppers are called pygmy locusts and are only 1.23 centimeters long. (Locusts are actually a kind of grasshopper.)

5.    Grasshoppers are incredible jumpers, launching themselves 200 times their length in a single jump!

6.    Grasshoppers like to clean themselves and will even pull their antennae through their mouth to clean them!

7.    The chirping sound that grasshoppers make can actually tell you the temperature. When you hear a grasshopper chirping, count how many times it chirps in 15 seconds, and then add 39 to the number to tell you the temperature, in Fahrenheit.

8.    Grasshoppers are most active during the day and when the weather is warm.

9.    Some grasshoppers, called migratory locusts, can form large groups of more than 1 million insects and travel for as long as three days!

10.    Believe it or not, people have been eating grasshoppers for thousands of years!  They fry them in butter, boil them, dehydrate them and even dip them in chocolate!


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