Check Out the Botanical Preserve for a Look at Nature

Flit on over to learn about the Niguel Botanical Preserve, hummingbird facts, and how to draw a cartoon hummingbird step by step!

It’s time to take a visit to a place where flowers and plants grow with flair;
And walk along paths where you might see a hummingbird flitting about in the air.

The Niguel Botanical Preserve is always looking for volunteers to keep the grounds looking great;

April is Volunteer Month, so schedule a time to stop by and lend a hand before it’s too late!

 The preserve is located on Crown Valley Pkwy., next to the , pool and the

Bring a picnic lunch and a camera and visit weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to  5:30 p.m.—why not today?

10 Hummingbird Facts

Hummingbirds only live on two continents:  North America and South America.

  1. When hummingbirds flap their wings, they do not move them up and down, or even in a circle.  Their wings make a figure-8 pattern.
  2. Their wings move 80 times a second when they fly.  If they are diving, the speed increases to 200 times a second.
  3. The heart rate of the hummingbird is 1,260 beats every minute.
  4. Hummingbirds are the only bird able to fly forward, backward, up, down, and sideways.
  5. Hummingbirds are the smallest of all animals with a backbone.
  6. Flying muscles make up 30 percent of the hummingbird’s weight.
  7. Hummingbirds cannot smell.
  8. Hummingbirds feed up to eight times an hour, with each “meal” lasting only 45 seconds.
  9. When hummingbirds migrate to the Gulf of Mexico, they can fly up to 500 miles without stopping.


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