Dana Point 'Oz' Child Munchkin Not Shocked that Dorothy Dress Just Sold for $480K

Joan Kenmore, 81, of Dana Point, is considered to be one of only a few living "Child Munchkins," who starred in the iconic film. She comments about the dress worn by Judy Garland recently sold at auction.

Other than the plunging white gown worn by Marilyn Monroe in the Seven Year Itch, Judy Garland's plaid dress she donned in the Wizard of Oz is perhaps the most famous on the planet.

So much so that the blue and white gingham costume worn by Garland in The Wizard of Oz in 1939 was auctioned Saturday in Beverly Hills for $480,000, Julien's auction house announced.

The dress worn by the singer of "Over the Rainbow," then 17, was sold through a special auction of Hollywood collectibles and memorabilia.

Although faded and worn, it still draws fascination by folks the world over.

s who lives in Dana Point and starred in the film when she was 7 years old is not surprised the dress sold for such a high price.

"I am asked all the time to sign photos from the film and then people go ahead and sell them on Ebay," said Kenmore, who wore a colorful costume herself and a flowerpot hat in the film. "There is so much junk that people sell online, but the dress at least has some historical value. I am not shocked at all that it sold for that much money."

Kenmore, who has lived in Dana Point for more than two decades, said she recalls being on the Oz set and seeing Garland wearing the dress as she walked the Yellow Brick Road.

"I was one of the child Munchkins, she said. "At the time there were 10-12 child Munchkins; the rest were the adult Munchkins. We stood in the back and did our dance. I never watch the film other than the Munchkinland scene. I rehearsed it so much that it got tedious, but my kids and family love when it's on TV."

According to Davd Kohler, president of based in Laguna Niguel, the specializes in sports memorabilia: "The collectibles markets whether it is sports or Hollywood memorabilia has proven that rare and desirable pieces with impeccable  provenance bring outstanding record results."


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