OMG! Texting Turns 20; Local Organization Not Impressed

The world's first text message was sent via computer on Dec. 3 to a phone and read, "Merry Christmas." Laguna Niguel-based textkills.com continues to be anti-texting, so texting too risky.

Twenty years ago, a British computer engineer sent the first text message from his computer to a phone in Texas.

This first text: "Merry Christmas."

While most of us text day in and day out, the percentage of texters has dropped reports Headline News, mostly because people are using tablets and other forms of social media to spread their messages.

However, Wayne Irving, president and CEO of Laguna Niguel-based Iconosys and the founder of textkills.com isn't buying it. 

"We are the longest running campaign against texting, and talking while driving," he said. "I think they [the industry] are playing with the numbers; what might be down is SMS messaging. You can still send a text through FaceBook and through other social media outlets. So many people are still texting from behind the wheel. Bottomline: whether it's instant messaging, emailing or SMS, nobody should be doing it while driving. Any form of it has the same repercussions -- it all puts lives at risk."

Read more stories here about Iconosys, a software app developer and textkills.com


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