Moms Talk: The Ultimate Mom's Day Wish

The ideal Mother's Day as expressed by mothers around Laguna Niguel.

With Mother’s Day approaching, fathers and kids will be searching for that special way to honor Mom on May 8.

Mothers everywhere have surely received countless and precious homemade cards and delicious variations on the ever popular breakfast in bed. But if you asked moms directly what their ideal Mother’s Day gift or day is, what would they say?

Jackie Mattox: "Usually they bring me coffee in bed and snuggle with me for a bit, and then a casual brunch is always fun. Afterward, spending time with the family. Maybe go to the beach and then grill at home for dinner. Board games at night are a great ending. That would be a great day!

"As far as gifts, anything homemade and from the heart from the kids but a spa certificate from my hubby is always great."

Ursula Schoeneich: "Ideal Mother’s Day would be to spend the day together with activities followed by a fancy dinner. Choose what to do and what gift to receive: A wellness package weekend."

Natalie Brown: "I would love for my children to pack a lunch and plan a hike we could do together …"

Tina Diamond: "I always like a massage or some spa treatment, but it's more fun with friends than alone. Jewelry is nice too, nothing extravagant. Or clothes or shoes ... I'm easy, as long as they make the effort to get something!"

Rhondi Sandblom: "I don't have an 'ideal' Mother's Day but do have one favorite memory. The boys were probably 6 and 3 when they first did something for me on Mother's Day completely on their own. They served me breakfast in bed. It was a bowl of Cheerios on a tray with a gallon of milk.  It is one of my all-time favorite, favorite memories."

Donna Bill: “My ideal Mother's Day is always the same: picnic and kite flying at the beach. Of course, I don't want to be involved with any of the prep or planning ...." 


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