Moms Talk: Teens Driving

Are you ready to hand over the keys?

The 16th birthday—the landmark year that will allow my son to be unleashed, behind the wheel of a car, onto the streets of Laguna Niguel. I’ve spent the last four months “teaching” him to drive by pressing my imaginary passenger side brake at every traffic light and stop sign. 

As he’ll be legally able to drive within the next two months, how can I be sure he’s ready for the responsibilities of driving?  How can I be sure I'm ready? What are other moms saying about this topic? Read on.

Paty Espinoza: "We have a rule in our house: No one drives until they turn 18. Yes, some will disagree and be inconvenienced by having to drive and pick up everywhere. However, those two extra years give me peace of mind that they will mature and have better judgment. Hey, I'm 49, and when I hear a good tune on the radio, I'm still jammin' and acting brave and crazy while I'm driving. Imagine a 16-year-old behind the wheel listening to Katy Perry's "Firework" song or, worse, anything by Eminem.  The bottom line is we will never be ready to let go.  Have some good insurance, an umbrella policy and tequila when he asks you for the keys."

Ursula Schoeneich: "Look around you … who is on the phone when driving? Who is text-messaging? The young drivers. Young drivers do not have the capability to handle both at the same time. Result: accident. I was hit by a 16-year-old driver who was on the phone and did not see the red light. I had a baby in my car, and I was injured.  No … if a 16-year-old cannot drive responsibly, then he/she should not have a license."


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