Moms Talk: Spousal Time

How do you and your spouse spend free time together? Is it sitting on the sofa, talking for 10 minutes, or heading out to a movie?

While observing my younger brother and his wife and the frenzy of managing four small children, I thought back to the time when I had young kids.  The demands on both Mom and Dad are high, and it’s difficult to find the time and energy for each other. What are a husband and wife to do?  Tell me: How do you and your husband make time for each other?

Anonymous: "Set aside a regular date night so you don't lose touch with each other. Talk openly and communicate what you need from each other."

Maryanne Wisner: "My husband and I are lucky, because we have a grandma who comes over frequently and encourages us to go out. When the kids were a lot younger, we had a sitter come once a week. Usually, we do something simple like go eat sushi or go to a movie. I think it's important to make quality time with each other. Sometimes, just sitting on the couch and making the kids play in the backyard and not interrupt us for 30 minutes while we relax and have a glass of wine will do wonders. We used to make a game of it with our kids. Then again, we don't have four kids!"

Anonymous: "When my boys were younger, Friday night dates were a must."                                                                                                        

Wendy Ronan: "We try not to overschedule ourselves or our kids in this crazy activity-oriented society. We have 'couch time' in the evening, when we can catch up with each other. We’ve done this since the kids were born. We also try to have a date night every week."                                                                         


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