Moms Talk: How Do You Discipline Your Kids?

Do you send your kids to their rooms or make them stand in the corner? What's the best way to teach them a lesson? Here's what some local moms say.

Every child, even the best of them, will misbehave at times. It's inevitable. How parents handle it is the real dilemma. There's time-out chairs, take-aways and the old standby "you're grounded." How do you handle it in your family?  How do you discipline your kids?

Maryanne Holmes: "I think that each child needs to be disciplined in a different way, depending on the personality of the child. My go-to was 'take-away,' whether it be TV, outside play or even books (believe it or not, for my oldest this was the most effective!)."

Erin Mundy: "I have found that discipline, whatever the method, does not work if you do not mean it and follow through. Whether it is counting to three and then sending them to a room to think, or taking away a privilege, if I give in within the hour or day, the lesson is only learned that Mom is soft.  In our house, not being able to participate in an event, or turning the car around for home when they are out of control really settles the mood. Of course, sometimes that means peanut butter sandwiches for dinner, but it is then enjoyed in peace!"       

Lisa Blaisdell: "It really depends on the situation and what they have done. I usually take away something they value that does not take away from what builds them up as individuals. For example, no TV, or no computer. But I would not take away dance or horse lessons."     


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