Moms Talk: Green-Thumb Tips

How does your garden grow? Can you plant award-winning roses or know which dirt is best?

I don't have a green thumb by any stretch of the imagination.  If my lawn is green, I feel like I’m doing a fairly good job.  I do, however, appreciate the beautiful landscapes and gardens that are blossoming at this time of year. When I pass those homes that look fresh and straight out of Better Homes & Gardens, I always wonder what the secret is to an award-winning garden. 

How does your garden grow?  Do you have any tips or tricks to a beautiful garden?

Tanya Martin: "To grow a beautiful garden I feed my plants every two weeks faithfully from spring to summer ... [early in the morning]. "

Tina Diamond: "I'm not a green thumb either. I usually get to pull the weeds!"

Teri Tachibana: "1) Be realistic. If you don't have time to water, fertilize, pick off snails, deadhead old blooms etc., stick with the standbys.  These dependable shrubs and flowers can be just as beautiful as something rare but are much less fussy. Instead, think of the planting composition—height, leaf shape and growth habit to make the ordinary seem less so. 
"2) Plant it yourself: Nothing like digging in the dirt yourself to get a feel for the kind of soil you have, the moisture content, etc.  It's sort of like an introductory meeting with your plant.  Look forward to a long and happy relationship.
"3) Start small:  Don't have time to tend acres?  Designate one section of your yard (think curb appeal or at least a spot with good sunlight) and put forth your best efforts.  Amend the soil.  Plant something pretty.  Water and fertilize.  Treat it like your baby.  It'll take just a few minutes every day,  and you will be rewarded. 
"4) Don't be too sentimental:  If something isn't thriving, rip it out and try something else.
"5) Pay attention: Look at your plants and check for bugs or disease.  If you catch them early, it's much easier to treat."


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