Moms Talk: Are You Cutting Back to Save?

What are some of the ways your family has been saving money during these tough economic times?

Although it’s probably not that noticeable here in Laguna Niguel, a lot of us are feeling the pinch of today’s economic conditions.  Lost jobs and foreclosed homes, combined with rising gas prices, have many of us cutting back.  How is your family adjusting?  How are you saving money?  

Resident Tina Diamond: "Many are trying to cut out nonessentials (house cleaners, gardeners, manicure/pedicures, gym memberships, etc.) I try to drive more efficiently, plan routes better so I drive less. Definitely cooking at home more."

Anonymous: "I now use coupons. I now plan dinners based on the Wednesday sale fliers, we eat out less, we rarely buy new clothes, I clean the house myself, and my son is an amazing kid and never asks for anything. For Christmas after prodding, he asked only for a pair of snow pants.  His 16th birthday is in May. He has asked his grandma for after-shave.  It helps to have a great kid. We also carpool to school, and I have driven the same car for 10 years, a Prius."


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