Drone Shows How Big a Fin Whale Really Is Near Dana Point

Captain Frank Brennan gets some spectacular footage of a passing fin whale.

Dana Point's most celebrated visitors pose a difficult challenge for photographers: Just how do you get a whole whale in the frame?

Most photos are taken near the ocean's surface, and most photographers make due with a fluke, a spray from the blowhole or the occasional breach.

But Captain Frank Brennan decided to get a wider perspective on the world's largest animals, courtesy of a Quadcopter equipped with a camera.

In this footage published Tuesday on Youtube, viewers get a sense of how enormous these mammals really are.

  • Check out the video above.

Brennan is part of Dana Point Sportfishing and Whalewatching. He shot the video from the Dana Pride.

Check out another recent video showing a rare mating ritual involving gray whales off the Dana Point Coast.


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