WATCH: Dramatic Bobcat Rescue, Don't Try This at Home

In the past year a number of bobcats -- and other forms of wildlife-- have been sighted in Laguna Niguel, but these are not creatures to mess with as this YouTube shows regardless of where they call home.

In the past year a number of bobcats have been seen around Laguna Niguel.

But as this YouTube video shows taken back East -- hence the snow -- you don't want to make them your friends anytime soon.

These two men attempted and successfully rescued this bobcat, who went on his merry way after a struggle to help him.

For more stories on local bobcats and other wildlife here in Laguna Niguel, click on these links:









J Willow January 06, 2013 at 06:51 AM
The man on the video actually set the trap, but meant to trap other animals, not the bobcat. I am glad so many people are seeing how cruel trapping is. I can only imagine how much in pain and fear this poor animal was - he did not go on his "merry way" - 2 pieces of steel slammed on his paw. He might have run away, but he would have had a lot of damage. My heart goes out to those animals who suffer terribly in traps for days until they die.


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