Fireball Streaks Overhead

A daytime meteor is spotted in Orange County and as far north as northern Nevada.

Orange County residents were among those who spotted an unusual daytime meteor that streaked through the morning sky Sunday, according to City News Service.

Reports came from as far south as Orange County to as far north as northern Nevada, the National Weather Service reported.

Callers reported seeing a fireball in the daytime sky at about 8 a.m., apparently moving north to southwest.

Much of the Los Angeles basin was under a layer of clouds at the time, but the NWS office in Sacramento reported the fireball was spotted in Orange County.

In Nevada, the flash was accompanied by a sonic boom that was loud enough to set off the burglar alarms at a Walmart store. A Reno Gazette Journal newspaper editor said "it felt like a truck hit the house."  

The meteor arrives as Earth is making its annual passage through one of several debris fields in space, which cause periods of meteor showers. Astronomers had predicted earlier that the "Lyrid" meteor shower would peak at sunrise Sunday, according to City News Service.

Did you see the meteor? If so, what did it look like? Did you get a photo? TELL US IN THE COMMENTS


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