City Pools Closed For Annual Maintenance

Both the main and FIT pools, as well as the spa, at Crown Valley Community Park will be closed from Dec. 10-15.

Swimmers who use the city pools at Crown Valley Community Park, 29751 Crown Valley Pkwy., will have to find another place through Dec. 15 to take the plunge.

The FIT Pool is being drained acid washed and will be inspected, to make sure the tiles are not coming loose, lights and drain covers are inspected, says Tina Dittmar, aquatic supervisor.

The main pool will be 80 percent drained; its surface will be inspected as well as the drain covers, and lights. 

The spa is also being drained, acid-washed, its drains and lights will be inspected. Then. the tile will be re-grouted.

The deck is also being inspected and the concrete is being repaired, to eliminate slippery spots, fix cracks and cleaned.

"After all of the maintenance work is completed, we will get the lifeguarding staff together, on Saturday, and train all day," Dittmar said. "Staff will be practicing water rescues, CPR, First-Aid and AED skills to make sure all of our skills are safety and rescue skills are sharp."

More Repairs

Additionally, the Crown Valley Community Park buildings will be closed Dec. 21– 26 and fumigated for termites. 

On Dec. 21  after 1 p.m., the utilities will be shut off and the buildings will be prepped to be tented. Fumigation is planned on taking place on the 22. 

"Because of the holiday we cannot have the utilities turned on until the Dec. 26. We are scheduled to have our utilities turned on sometime in the morning.  Staff will need time to make sure everything is up and running properly before we allow the public to enter the building and the pool, so we will reopen at 1 p.m. on Dec. 26," Dittmar said.

"Closing is an inconvenience to the public and we regret that. We can assure the community that our staff is very busy behind the scenes right now, taking care of our facilities to keep them clean and safe."

Edea Krammer June 09, 2013 at 06:27 AM
Crown Valley Community Park is the home of many of the City’s recreation programs and activities and for that an annual maintenance is required as an initiative. Pool maintenance happens to be a detailed program which is spread throughout the year or otherwise, an unhealthy pool could not only pose health danger but act as a complete dampener too of your party. www.puritypoolsoc.com


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